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Learning From The Comforts Of Your Home

When it comes to learning, you will find that some students find subjects so boring that they detest studying them till the examinations. Most of them generally do not perform well in their examinations. This obviously hampers the career prospects of the student.

The Great Courses introduced by Thomas M Rollins in 1989 is an endeavor to help students study from the comforts of their home at their own pace. The Company helps students to learn from audio video tapes made by some of the best known high school, college and university faculty in the USA. These

You can find courses on all subjects for your academic needs. The website gives you a lifelong guarantee where if you are not happy with the course content you may return it for another course free of cost. The experts here believe in quality education and they want to make sessions interactive and fun. This is the reason why they focus on giving you great academic courses that make your learning experience very exciting and memorable.

Story of the Great Courses

The Thomas M Rollins Teaching modules have a sweet story behind it. When Mr. Rollins was a law student at Harvard University, he developed an aversion to a subject while studying as a student.  He in fact, deterred studying from the subject till the final day of the examination- he hated the subject so much. However, he did not wish to fail. He was lucky to have got 10 video tapes on the subject the night before the examination. He switched on the television and watched the tapes one by one. To his surprise he found that the subject he disliked so much was engaging and interesting. He went on to appear for the examination the next day. He passed with flying colors.

He began his career but he never forgot the unique experience of those video tapes. In 1989, he left Government service and started his own Company. He began to hunt for the best teachers of school, college and university subjects. He and his dedicated team recorded their sessions live. They were introduced in the market for home study and today The Great Courses is a household name for the student in the USA.

Making learning fun

The Thomas M Rollins Teaching modules prove that learning does not have to be boring. It is fun and interesting for you. On top of this you will find that home study gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. You do not have to keep up with classroom lectures. You effectively are able to learn lessons without hassles at all. Moreover, with the right training modules, you effectively are able to pick up the fundamentals of the subject from experienced and talented faculty in the USA. These modules are helping thousands of students in the USA today and if you are looking for top quality teachers from the comforts of your home, opt for the interesting videos of The Great Courses and make learning fun!

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