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Primary Education for Expat Children

It is usually the middle years when we are at our most active, and this is the time when many families go down the expat road, hoping to reap the rewards of high tax free salaries. If a couple work in the same industry, it makes economic sense to both take on the expat role and save money for the future. Of course, this requires a level of sacrifice, but your children’s education should never be compromised, and with most popular expat locations having adequate international schools, it is just a question of making the right choice.

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The Formative Years

Apart from learning the basics of all the core subjects, the primary years are all about forming a person’s character, and sound moral values should be a major component of any modern curriculum. Aside from academic education, a good primary school would find ways to stimulate enquiring minds, and the focus should be on self-learning for the future. If a student knows how to learn effectively, then they have all the tools at their disposal to reach their fullest potential.

Established Schools

You cannot afford to take a chance with your child’s education, so finding an established school is vital, and if you are currently posted in Dubai, check out Kings-Edu.com, the official website of a quality primary school that teaches the British curriculum. Ideally, the right school would have been open at least ten years, and you should also look the progress of previous students, as this is an indication of how well prepared they are for success in the modern world.

The Right Facilities

A top school would have all the amenities one would expect from an international establishment, with a swimming pool, soccer and basketball pitches, and a host of other necessary facilities for the students to enjoy. IT plays an important role in modern learning, and the school should incorporate this into the curriculum and have an adequate supply of online workstations.

Sound Moral Values

While academic education is important, one must not forget moral teachings, which makes up a large part of how an individual sees their role in society, and by instilling a sense of justice and fair play into the young children, this will ensure a generation of well-balanced citizens of the world who are aware of the environmental impacts that modern life creates. If you look at any potential school’s website, there will be information about how the school feels about moral standards, and you can get a feel of the school’s general goals and ambitions.

Look for Success

A good school will have an impressive track record, and should fast track previous students to clearly demonstrate the value of the education they provide. If you can show prospective parents a generation of older students who have achieved a high level of success, then you have made a positive impression.

Due to the high numbers of expat workers, most prominent locations will have international schools that teach either the US or British curriculum, and by taking the time to do a little research, you will eventually pick the best school for your child during those crucial primary years.

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