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Seeking an Advanced Education in Nursery School Training in Dubai

If you love to teach and travel, then you might consider obtaining advanced training for your vocation, especially if you love teaching very young children. One simple way to make sure this happens is to obtain a specialised credential. In Dubai, for instance, nursery teachers are assessed and recognised by a special credential programme that is adapted to the UAE.

A Specialised Designation

A Child Development Associate certificate is designed for early childhood educators who wish to prove their skills and knowledge at the nursery school level. The certificate, according to early childhood consultancy Arabian Child, proves that a nursery school teacher is qualified.

The credential was created in the US by the Council for Professional Recognition before it was tailored for Arab educators. Research conducted by the consultancy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, revealed that over 80% of nursery school teachers did not possess the educational requirements for their jobs.

Obtaining the Necessary Training: What Is Involved

Since that time, the ministry has made it a requirement that teachers in nurseries in Dubai, as well as other Arab locales, complete 30 hours annually of a professional development curriculum. Teachers who obtain the CDA credential can have the aforementioned requirement reduced to 18 hours. According to an official with Arabian Child, once the teacher has the credential, he or she is considered qualified by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In order to apply to the credential programme, teachers must possess 120 hours of specialised training or hold a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Most of the teachers in the credential programme take the coursework to receive a renewed sense of direction or to take them to the next level in their teaching career. The majority of applicants are well-pleased with the programme and enjoy the coursework.

Learning to Interact Better with Children

The programme offers courses to participants that permit them to enhance their knowledge about child interaction and psychology. They are also given training about how to boost a child’s learning experience through various activities. This type of emphasis is also underscored in the nursery school curriculums in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

Applying for the Credential

After gaining the needed training, nursery school teachers then apply for the professional credential. The process entails providing a teaching portfolio and taking a written exam. The participants are then interviewed and take part in a parent survey as well as classroom observation. When all these activities are completed, the applicant either fails or passes and receives his or her diploma.

The parent survey in the programme was modified to meet the assessment mandates set for the local culture. However, the consultancy said that having the knowledge is not sufficient. A mechanism also needs to be put into place to make sure teachers are applying what they know.

Teachers in Dubai earn lucrative salaries and receive competitive benefits packages. They can choose to teach in one of various international schools, each of which feature state-of-the-art resources and facilities. Jobs range from posts in nursery schools to overseeing secondary curriculums.


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