There is some huge commotion in the modern business market, because people are seeing many “irregularities” when it comes to getting a job. A lot of young people go to college, graduate and they simply cannot find a job after that, no matter how hard they try. The situation is similar with many different professions, and a lot of people are starting to wonder why this is so.

Is the economy falling apart? Are there no jobs available? Or, is it something else? The main reason for this are modern companies that simply don’t want to hire people who don’t have the skills they think are essential for a certain job position. They feel that a degree means nothing if the person who possesses it has no knowledge about how to do the job. Additionally, a lot of college graduates don’t have the necessary “modern skills” which are needed to work in a modern office.

The reality is that college degrees mean less and less each day and that business managers look for people who can contribute with something practical, rather than with an amazing resume that has a lot of achievements – they don’t want things on paper, they want real skills that can improve their organizations. If you want to find a job after graduating, you should look to acquire these skills, as they will drastically improve your chances of getting hired for a certain job position.

  1. Writing proficiency

If students are to be successful during their education or when getting a job, they need to have exceptional writing skills for many reasons. With great writing skills, a person can express ideas and demonstrate knowledge easily. This is a skill that is not only important during a person’s education, but also after graduating. When a person knows to write well, he or she can persuade, advocate, create, and this means that people with writing skills have a lot more to offer to some employer. This is why this skill is becoming more valued.

Not only that writing proficiency gives a person more width, but there are also many direct situations for various job positions when it’s necessary to know how to write well. First of all, all business professionals nowadays, who want to be taken seriously and achieve something significant in their field, need to know how to write well. Why? Simply because they need to have a blog, and what good is a blog if it’s empty and without any posts? That’s right, nothing. You need to share your thoughts, knowledge and expertise with people so that you become a valued professional. To put it bluntly, if you don’t know how to express yourself, people will not know whether you actually know what you are talking about or not.

Apart from this, there are a lot of jobs you can do if you are a good writer. For example, you can become a content writer and make money this way, until you find a job in your profession. Who knows, you might even like it and become great at it. Being self-employed is not a bad thing, and with hard work, you can make a lot of money for yourself. If you additionally invest in yourself and find the best content marketing software you could use, you might even make more money than with what your degree can get you.

  1. Public speaking

One of the most important additional skills you should look to acquire is public speaking. Don’t think that it’s important? Well think about it; if it’s not, then why would big executives spend millions per year on public speaking lessons, get books or CD’s about public speaking. With this skill, a person gets the opportunity to grow his leadership capabilities, career and influence.

There are so many people who work in the corporate sector, where this skill is one of the most important ones, but there is only a small number of them who actually don’t feel nervous when they speak publicly. So, if you want to get a corporate job – learn to speak publicly. Even if you are “just” an average speaker, you are probably better than most, and you will have a clear advantage when it comes to being hired.

Given the fact that public speaking is one of the most important qualities, business organizations tend to hire people with such skills. Standing up and addressing to a crowd in a powerful way can affect people a lot and change their mind about a certain topic. If you become a master of this craft, you will also be able to convince your job interviewer that you have something valuable to offer to their business. Public speaking makes you a memorable person and helps you drive change. Business organizations that want to change themselves from the inside need this kind of people.

  1. Basic data analysis skill

More and more companies have started to generate a lot of big data. This is why the need for data analysis has expanded so much in the past couple of years. Data analysis is needed in new industries, not to mention the demand in the tech sector. Data analysis is a process of remodeling, revising and transforming some information for the purpose of reaching a certain conclusion that concerns some problem or a situation.

There are a lot of benefits an employee with basic data analysis skills will bring to a business organization. I will not bother you with all of them, but the most important use of data analysis is that it can help a company be unbiased when it comes to researching. There are so many jobs that include a lot of data accumulation and, if an employee has the basic data analysis knowledge, he or she will have a better understanding of his work and they’ll make better assumptions for further actions.

Yet another reason why data analysis is so valuable is the fact that there are not many people out there whose main profession is data analysis, meaning that there is a lack of employees in this field. If you have the basic data analysis skills, you can help out the people in your company and that enterprise will be able to reach conclusions more swiftly. All serious companies are aware of this, and this is why some of them require of their employees to know a bit about various data analysis techniques.

  1. Knowledge to use software specific to your industry

Tech advancements in the past 15 years or so have been simply amazing. The speed of new tech solutions popping up per year has never been so great and these new options have changed businesses a lot. The biggest growing tech industry is IT, including computers and mobile phones alike, and the solutions they have come up with have been greatly implemented in business. One of the most visible change is that modern business organizations are trying to transfer as much business processes as they can ton to computers.

This means that more and more workers are starting to do their jobs at a desk, on a computer. There are so many reasons why everyone is going in this direction. First of all, working on computers is easier, employees are more productive, there is less room for mistakes, people can collaborate on tasks from different locations, the work done has better quality, etc. Most colleges don’t teach their students to use the latest software specific to their industry, and this presents a problem for fresh graduates, as business organizations usually demand this knowledge. Sometimes, all of their processes are have been switched to computers.

  1. Being bilingual

The modern competitive work market is so tough, and every additional skill you may have on your resume can get you a step closer to getting the job you always dreamed of. There is no doubt that being bilingual can improve your chances of getting a job and progressing through your career. There are a lot of job positions that require multiple languages such as translators, HR managers, PR managers, etc.

When knowing multiple languages, you will be able to do certain jobs much better. For example, if you are negotiating with a foreign company on some business deal, your knowledge of their language will leave a much better impression and a business will show that they respect them by sending someone who speaks their language. Apart from that, you might even get a job somewhere abroad, due to your knowledge of their language.

Acquiring additional skills is important in the modern market. Simply getting a degree and the knowledge that comes with it is not enough anymore and companies want to hire diverse employees that have an open mind and are willing to learn even further. What is even better is the fact that all of these skills I mentioned today can alone land you a job and you might find a career for yourself somewhere you never imagined.