Aneesh Kodali is a distinguished individual in the field of mathematics and economics and is presently trying to appear for the preliminary actuarial exams 1/P exam and 2/FM exam. He is also a sports enthusiast and loves the game of tennis. A graduate from the University of North Carolina from Chapel Hill, Mr. Kodali was bright student and always wanted to do something important and worth-while.

Aneesh Kodali has shared his knowledge and expertise in many of his blogs. One of his blogs titled the difference between economic and actuarial science is considered quite popular. In the blog he brings out the point of views of both the parties. The financial economists have always felt that actuarial science is very theoretical, failing to recognize real world situations depending on rigorous mathematical computations. The actuaries however feel that the existing economic theories do not match the facts as they ought to. He also points out that the inability of actuarial science to adjust to the utility set forth by the financial economy is the main reason which made the later to separate as a different entity.

 In another one of his blog titled the role of actuarial science in risk management- he says that actuarial science, though it is not a known subject, its several applications in the business sector has numerous implications, the most defining one being its role in risk management. He states that actuaries science employs mathematics and stats to help assess risks of numerous industries, the most common being the pension and insurance sectors.

Plus he also states that the statistical analysis of the past trends with the firm understanding of how a company works, an actuary with some reasonable doubt might help regulate the risks and also the design plans to mitigate them properly. Another important fact which Mr. Kodali highlights through his blog is that unforeseen happenings along with dramatic fluctuations might happen, however it is safe to conclude that for the majority of the part, the actuarial science has the ability to possibly save billions of dollars.

Mr. Kodali apart from his blogs and enlightening millions of people is also quite skilled in several languages such as Python, R programming and also has great deal of knowledge about SQL, Access, Excel, VBA and also statistical interference.  He is also quite known for his amazing contribution in the field of umpteen programs. His strongest point is his flexibility to carry out vivid tasks proficiently. Aneesh Kodali along with that  has a positive mindset and has the confidence to pull off tasks in superlative fashion, irrespective of how tough they prove to be.

He has also been an integral part of many illustrious leagues such as Club tennis, Carolina Actuarial student organization, and Intramural sports, LLC and etc. Plus he also gives valuable tips to young tennis players who have the same level of dedication as he did when he was young, so that they can excel in the sport and make a name for themselves also.