Students who are considering coming to London or Dublin to study English as a second language should consider a school that has lots of great English courses. While that should obviously be the primary focus, to make the most of your time spent in London or Dublin, it is important to consider many other factors.

Social Life

Life in any new city can be an almost overwhelming experience, but it can be even more challenging if you do not speak the language well. Therefore, when looking for a school, consider one that offers opportunities to do things together as a group.

London offers many great festivals that students love to attend in groups. One of the largest festivals in London each year is the Bonfire nights that happen in the first part of November. There are many great places to watch the fireworks, including Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath while many students head to Wimbledon to enjoy the music festival before the fireworks. With over 630 concerts each week in the city, there is always something fun to do. The city is also the cultural hub of England with many great museums waiting for exploration, including the British Museum.

Life is not dull in Dublin either, as students join in groups to explore the city. Since students often have very little money, they love to get together to play board games. With students from around the world, these are usually lively events, because students introduce their friends to their favourite board games from home.


In both London and Dublin, students can find a wide range of accommodations that are sure to meet their budgets. Some students choose to stay with host families, and this allows students to interact with locals while at the same time, they can learn the language and the culture at a faster rate. Others prefer to live in university-style accommodations with other students their own age. These accommodations usually have social areas that are great for spur-of-the-moment gatherings. Still other students choose to stay in hotels and hostels. These facilities often are great for introducing students to a wide variety of visitors from around the world in small groups where they can quickly improve their English skills while learning about other cultures.


Of course, the main reason to choose a school is the academics that are offered by the school. At Delfin English School, students can choose from a variety of learning opportunities. Some students choose general English classes that meet from three to six hours a day and concentrate on basic English skills. Other students, like those who are soon entering a university, take test preparation courses that allow them to pass tests required by the universities for admittance. At London campuses, students can take courses focusing on business, in addition to the basic English courses, while students in Dublin can find highly intensive English courses that last thirty hours each week. Of course, they are not the only school, so students should explore the possibilities.

Regardless of the school chosen, students find that they learn English incredibly quickly. The fun of living with others while learning builds memories that last a lifetime.