In the quest for good grades in college, sometimes having a good relationship with your professor can mean the difference between a mediocre grade and a stellar one. Remember that much of your grade can be subjective in college. While you’ll need to get good scores on exams, getting a professor to like what you have to say in class or on papers can also be a great way to influence your grade. Remember these simple tips when trying to build a relationship with your professor…and remember there’s no need to go overboard, sucking up can back fire.

  • Sit In A Visible Location– You don’t have to sit in the front row, but also don’t sit in the dark shadows at the back of a lecture hall. Giving your professor an opportunity to see what you look like can be an easy way to start your relationship with them.
  • Contribute to the Discussion– Even if you’re not into speaking up in class, make a point to answer a question or contribute to discussion at least once per class session. It lets the professor know that you’re tuned in, (even if only for the first five minutes of class). Contributing even on a very minimal level gives the professor something to connect with you and may even help them remember your name. In large classroom settings getting name recognition can be really difficult. This is a great tool to earn that.
  • Office Hours– Most professors will offer office hours, which is a chance for you to talk to your professor one-on-one if you have questions or want to discuss anything further. You don’t have to wait until you’re struggling to go to office hours. Maybe you read an article online that pertains to class that you’d like to share with your professor. Don’t hesitate to stop by office hours and chat with your professor for a few minutes.
  • Stay On Top Of Assignments– Show your professor that you’re keeping up with the work and are engaged in class. This can be especially helpful when you’re starting to struggle with a class. If the professor knows that you’ve been trying your hardest throughout the course, they may offer you extra help or extra credit opportunities if you need to bring up your grade.