Something that remains constant in your education from middle school to high school and all the way through college is the requirement of being able to write a really good assignment. Whilst assignment writing comes easily to some students, others can struggle with the structure and format, and this can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. We have asked for advice from some of the very best experts at topaussiewriters, and together they have come up with five of the most important and easily applicable tips for improvement that you can use to elevate your assignment writing to the next level.

Write A Plan

It is vital that you sit down and plan out your essay before you begin writing it. Having a detailed plan to refer back to can help to keep you on track and keep your argument fluid and consistent without going off topic. This is particularly helpful when you have a strict word count and need to keep your essay as precise and concise as possible. A plan will help you to wrap up your argument in the allotted page space.

Be Interested

If you have the option of choosing what to write about, then always opt for a subject that you are genuinely interested in. Writing about something that you are passionate about is always more motivating and inspiring than something that you find boring, so make the most of your personal interests and incorporate them in to your assignments, it will make the essay writing feel like less of a chore.

Proof Read

Sometimes you are absolutely sick of your essay by the time you have finished it, but it really pays to give it one more read over to make sure that your spelling, grammar and overall structure is up to standard. After working so hard, the last thing you want it to be marked down a grade for mistakes that could have easily been rectified with a quick proof read and edit.

Stay Off Social Media

In these modern times, the single biggest distraction for students trying to meet deadlines is social media. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more easily accessible and able to provide hours of procrastination, it can be very easy to fall in to a black hole of socialising whilst letting your essay sit half finished on your laptop. In the week running up to your deadline, you need to be really strict with yourself and use social media as treat rather than a distraction. Stay off it until you have reached significant writing milestones, turn it in to your motivation!

Allow Enough Time

One of the biggest problems in essay writing is actually getting your work finished in time. Many students use delaying tactics and leave it until the last minute, but if you give yourself weeks and weeks, writing a little bit everyday turns in to an essay before your very eyes with little stress.

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