Nursery for your Child

The few years prior to admission into the formal education system are critical to every child’s development, as this is time to develop social skills, creativity and imagination. Academic learning should not begin until a child reaches the age of 7, and from the age of 3 years old, your child is ready to engage in stimulating, fun-based activities with children of a similar age.

Nurture a Love of Learning

One of the main objectives for any nursery school is to encourage a desire for learning within the young children, and if your child is ready for nursery admission in Northwich, there are several top-notch day care centres that service the area.

Fun Based Activities

Young children should engage in the following activities:

  1. Art – Painting, drawing and colouring.
  2. Dance and Movement – Essential for motor skills development and physical exercise.
  3. Storytelling – This helps the children to develop their imagination.
  4. Building with Blocks – This develops cognitive skills and coordination.

    Staying Informed

    It is very important that you are kept up to date regarding your child’s development, and any good nursery would have a system that enables parents and carers to communicate on a daily basis. This might be through the nursery website, or perhaps each child has a small book that the carers use to inform the parents about their child’s progress.

    Visiting the Nursery

    If, for example, you search online for a local nursery, then you should check out their website, and if all seems fine, then you should pay the nursery a visit on your own. This will give you the opportunity to observe the various activities and also talk to the staff about their aims and achievements.