A programmer is a specialist who develops program algorithms. The basis for writing are mathematical calculations. Modern programming is a laborious process.

Given a wide range of activities, the profession is divided into three main areas:

  1. Applied direction. These are specialists involved in the development and implementation of software necessary for the normal functioning of organizations. Usually they are narrow-profile, for example, specialists in 1C. The range of their responsibilities includes updating, customizing and finalizing programs for the individual needs of employees, the specifics of the company.
  2. The system direction. These are specialists developing operating systems, interfaces, distributing databases, managing networks. This is the rarest type of programming and the most difficult. System specialists are always in demand.
  3. Web. These are specialists working with global networks, for example, the Internet. Development of interfaces, dynamic sites, their element. This specialization has been especially popular recently – the era of the development of the Internet.

Who is suitable for

We at WebSailors believe that the profession of a programmer is suitable for people with the following qualities:

– Systemic thinking. A person sees not a separate component, but a complex. This provides a quick troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

– Analytical mind. When creating a program, it is important to be able to analyze the facts, creating optimal solutions, not temporary ones.

– Good memory. Programming languages ​​are quite difficult to understand and learn, so memory plays a crucial role in the work.

– Ability to present information in a clear language. Writing instructions for the program or training personnel to work with software are important skills of every programmer. It is one thing to just write a program, but to implement it is another. Employee training is the key to launching new software. A programmer is a highly qualified specialist who must combine all these qualities.


This profession is quite in demand, but the level of competition is also high. Several dozens of people can apply for one position. Success depends on skills, knowledge, ability to interpret them.

How much do people working in this profession get

Earnings of programmers are quite high. Companies usually keep them secret so that competitors do not lure an employee. On average, the income of such a specialist starts at 20,000 rubles per month and does not have strict restrictions. Earnings directly depends on the number of developments and implemented programs. The more you work, the higher your income.

Is it easy to get a job

Getting a job is quite simple, if you have a lot of knowledge. Usually you have to go through an interview and complete a test task. Based on the results, a candidate is selected. How a career is usually built A career, like that of other employees, depends on skills and aspirations. In large companies, a specialist can become the head of the IT department, a leading project manager. Many programmers open their own business in the field of software development. Self-employment with an independent search for orders is very popular – freelance. For career growth, it is important to constantly gain new knowledge, keep up with the development of technology. Preference is given to those who understand the most modern trends in programming.

Source – WebSailors