No, just not you; rather, there are countless number of guardians who used to receive similar kinds of ‘notes of complaints’ from their kids schools. Undeniably, dealing with this issue is quite common and challenging too, and possibly you’ve noticed that all your previous endeavors, ‘adoring guidance’ or ‘punishments’ are proved useless. Well, check which type of complains do you get about your child

  • Doesn’t pay attention to studies
  • Appears not listening to teachers
  • Not following what teachers direct
  • Keeps tasks incomplete
  • Makes careless and similar mistakes regular
  • Forgets about home tasks and keeps mum
  • Indifferent attitude, frequently loses things
  • Untidy and unorganized daily tasks
  • Many times acts restless

Please take note that your child is likely to be a victim of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. According to the studies, this is one of the major typical behavioral disorders found among children. As per the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US, more than 14% of the children are being diagnosed with ADHD.

Well, this is a proven fact. Therefore, instead of going with ‘emotions’, all those who are guiding children in their studies, should be practical. A learned, understanding and concerned educational consultant residing in Washington. According to this distinguished education counselor and personality that especially for students with ADHD, the traditional ways of classroom session or methods of teaching is in no way going to help. From educational institutes to parents should understand this fact with their realistic and compassionate viewpoints.

Most importantly, since everyone’s problem is not same, therefore, the teaching styles should be designed in a personalized way, which can go well with a student. Obviously, this will take time but considering the future of these poor students, from both part i.e., teachers and parents should find the ways out accordingly. In this context, this must be mentioned that David Ostrer offers his services and performs in conjunction with parents as well as schools/teachers to assist children having ADHD. He also helps you find the ‘exact’ schools where your loved kid with ADHD can be best nourished.

Apart from ADHD, there are serious issues like ‘learning disabilities’. You should take note that ADHD and learning disabilities are different. One is ‘disorder’ while the other one is ‘disability’. So, they must not be mixed. A study shows that 30-50% kids, having ADHD are also diagnosed to suffer from ‘learning disability’. Therefore, it makes sense for parents to evaluate if their child is also a victim of learning disability, LD, apart from ADHD.

As stated by those who ‘To-do’ list remains packed always with programs to help students or their parents/teachers, that ‘Learning Disability’ is the core reason that makes a student’s mind unresponsive. Certain neurological disordered conditions deprive students in information processing. The ‘learning disabilities’ are categorized in three distinct types; refer to Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.

Dealing with these issues needs expert’s help like therapist, counselor as well as occupational therapists. David Ostrer is completely devoted and helps worried parents and teachers or schools in order to find the right techniques that match need of students with ADHD.