Schools in Thailand

Good education is key to securing your child’s bright future. Thai parents know this, this is why more and more Thai students are now enrolled in international schools like Bangkok Prep is one of the top international schools in Thailand that produce stellar graduates that can easily get into top Ivy League schools in the US and prestigious universities in Europe. It shares the following factors with other top international schools in Thailand:

1. World-class Education

Top international schools in Thailand offer world-class education by providing top-notch curriculums like the International Baccalaureate (IB), the English National (British), and the American National Curriculum. Through top international schools, your child gets to experience the same kind of learning and development that kids in Europe and the US undertake.

2. Premises

Learning becomes easy in a safe and healthy environment. This is something that all top international schools in Thailand offer. All such schools are placed in safe and convenient residential locations that can ensure the utmost security and welfare of your child. The placement of top international schools in Thailand makes it easy for parents to drop off and pick up their kids. All such top international schools also offer in-house transportation services. Some even come with a downloadable app that parents can use to accurately track the location of their child while in transit.

3. Reputation

All the top international schools in Thailand have stellar reputations in their local communities and in the country. They make it a point to be active members of society by offering services, volunteer work for students, and charitable acts. All such leading schools are known for educating excellent graduates that have made it to top universities abroad and have contributed greatly to the country and the world. This is the case because top international schools in Thailand also ensure that all students are fully aware of the fact that they have the power to be of service to the country and the world.

4. Core Values

One thing that separates top international schools in Thailand from other schools is the clear demarcation of important core values. Leading schools put much priority in developing not just the academic enrichment of each student but their character development as well. Graduates of top international schools were educated to have core principles, values, and a strong sense of self.

5. Uniqueness of Each Child

Top-performing international schools offer varied methods of educating students. This is because they truly understand that no child is the same when it comes to learning. What can be interesting and engaging to one child can be totally incomprehensible to another. This is why international schools endeavor to provide ways to make learning personalized by fully getting to know the most efficient way for a child to learn a lesson. International schools that perform best know the varied ways to teach visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and reading/writing learners.

6. Extra-curricular Activities

A child’s academic and overall development is not limited to classroom activities. This is a concept that top-performing international schools in Thailand truly understand and apply. This is why they offer varied extra-curricular activities to their students. Students of leading international schools get to choose other learning activities that freely allow them to explore their interests and passions. Excellent international schools have specialized programs for sports, theater, research, and volunteering.

7. Competent Personnel

Top-caliber international schools in Thailand all have highly competent staff, administrators, and teachers. All are expertly trained in handling different student needs across all endpoints. This is one of the exceptional factors that massively differentiate top international schools from other schools. In leading international schools, students get to study English under the tutelage of British or American instructors. This is why international students easily learn to speak English as their second language. They learn from expert native speakers of the language. This is also the case in other language subjects and courses.

8. Students’ Welfare

Thailand’s leading international schools prioritize the overall wellness and safety of their students. All students have access to approachable and professional staff that is always ready to help and answer questions. Students’ welfare and sense of safety and security are always prioritized and central in all academic and administrative decisions. Leading international schools truly understands that it takes more than just a classroom lesson to effectively educate a child.

9. Relationship with Parents

Top international schools closely work with parents. Parents always get updated and informed of all the ongoing activities in school. They get to be truly immersed in their child’s learning as they get reports and evaluations straight from their child’s instructor. This kind of solid relationship allows for effective guidance and care for children. Excellent international schools know that parental participation is key in ensuring that a child performs well in and outside of school.

10. Your Child’s Voice

The good thing about international schools that excel is the fact that they see children and that they give each child the power to voice their concerns and speak their mind. Each student is attended to in such a way that all their needs are carefully taken note of and provided for. Top international schools ensure that every student is attended to and fully heard. Students in international schools get a say in the performance of their teachers and the effectiveness of classroom activities. In leading international schools, student feedback is considered the top priority.