A self-governing organization by the Government of India, the National Council of Educational Research and Training or NCERT is also in charge of propagating and designing a common education system, while it also aims to promote diverse culture all over the country. It plans to encourage and establish a general education policy. Meanwhile, the council also formally began its operations on 1 September 1961.

 We have also given below some of the main objectives of the council:

Objective of the Council

  • It aims to promote and organize educational research
  • Also to experiment with innovative ideas and practice
  • Training for preservice and in-service teacher education as well as the national and state level operations
  • Work together with the state, international and national educational organizations
  • In charge of enriching the curriculum for children going beyond just regular textbooks
  • Make examinations more flexible
  • Develop the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005)
  • Create the syllabus, prescribe textbooks, teaching resources, study materials, additional reading materials and so

The textbooks by NCERT are also prescribed by the CBSE (The Central Board of Secondary Education) from classes 1 to 12 for most of the subjects, except for a few. Online books can also be found at the NCERT official site or the epathshala website. As per the government policy decision made in 2017, from 2018 on the NCERT was solely in charge of creating textbooks while CBSE’s role was also restricted to organizing examinations.

Use of NCERT books

Students who are preparing for the board exams will find these NCERT textbooks very useful. Here are the benefits of using NCERT Textbooks:

  • Most basic books that are written in a very simple and clear language
  • For the UPSC exams and other competitive exams, questions are asked directly from the books and it helps students to plan their studies
  • Strictly follow the CBSE Curriculum a
  • Covers all the most fundamental concepts
  • Best for CBSE board exam students

Now, apart from these textbooks, a class 10 student also need to solve previous year question papers, some sample papers and also use other study resources like study notes or NCERT Solution class 10, so that they can prepare well for the exams. Some even get help with interactive video lessons to learn their subjects.

For more such interactive videos, students can subscribe to the BYJU’s YouTube Channel given below: